Based out of Washington, D.C., Chad Kagen is a principal founder and businessman who has amassed over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship, finance, and management. To date, he has been a principal founder and co-founded multiple, highly successful companies, including a first-of-its-kind ultra-high frequency technology trading firm and an options-based hedge fund. Chad has been a forerunner in developing and sponsoring diverse projects nationwide and has subsequently grown an extensive network of influential connections that have turned into clients and followers of his investment endeavors.

There is an amalgam of traits that generally exist in heavy concentration among the successful business elite. Some of the most accomplished businessmen and women who have made a measurable impact in their respective worlds of commerce have been passion-powered and self-motivated leaders with high energy and enthusiasm and the confidence to match, and the most gifted and goal-oriented among them are oftentimes the quietest, as authentic accomplishments speak far louder than any other form of self-promotion ever could.

Chad Kagen is a man whose innumerable achievements thus far could easily fill the pages of a great novel, but he allows that success to manifest within him a humble confidence that, on the surface, translates to soft-spoken nature, one that seems auspiciously suited to his refined and meticulous appreciation for the finer things in life.

Chad has an infallible knack for business development and planning. Every business Chad has founded has been given his Midas touch. And every business Chad has founded has been a first in that specific line of commerce.

Those who’ve had the pleasure of working with Kagen on various projects know him as a brilliant solutionist with highly innovative ideas to satisfy any number of seemingly contrary demands, and his passion for problem-solving extends beyond his own business dealings, evolving into a service coveted for outside companies, especially startups. Today that service will be available globally through his newest venture that will assist startups in becoming their own pioneers and reaching their highest levels of achievement via a highly selective company.